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Grammar/Structure: 9 4
Originality/Creativity: 10 5
Creepiness: 8 4


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The author wakes up in a strange and horrible world.

Pokémon Lost Silver

Pokémon Lost Silver – 2,730 words

My Rating:
Grammar/Structure/Spelling: 4
Originality: 5
Creepiness: 5
Total: 5

This gets a high originality rating because it was one of the first Pokémon CreppyPastas. While they are a dime a dozen now, when this was first posted it was something completely new and original.

The Game

In early September 2010, a complete, working fangame of Lost Silver was made. The game is its own executable rather than a ROM hack, and therefore does not require an emulator nor a Pokémon Silver ROM.

There has been talk about expanding the story by adding a different series of events if the player chooses “No” at the sign that says “TURN BACK NOW.” While many people believe that the events when choosing “No” (which is referred to as “Hidden” by fans) is a made-up addition by the fans, it is in fact made up by the original writer in response to the creator of the fangame.

The stand-alone fan-game was made using an underlying pokémon engine created by a game creation program called Game Maker. The source file or the game can be downloaded and edited here.